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Who We Are

Who We Are

Cancari Consulting is an Operations Management company that focuses on improving food safety and quality, and streamlining of operational processes.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Helping our customers drive profitability through optimized quality management systems, improved operational processes, and mitigation of business risk.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be world class leaders in customized quality and operations management solutions.



Audit Preparation

  • Review of HACCP and other quality/ food safety management programs
  • Site preparation for customer and third party audits such as BRC and SQF

Optimization of Operations

  • GAP Analysis of processes and procedures
  • Identification and elimination of redundancies
  • Building processes/ procedures to improve operational efficiency
  • Accessing competencies and training needs
  • Development of food safety programs
    • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
    • Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures
    • Recall and Traceability Programs

Supplier Management

  • Development of supplier management programs
  • Supplier Audits and Assessment
  • Internal audits
  • Identification of risk and opportunities within your operation

Product Development Projects

  • Provide technical assistance with launching new products with contract manufacturers
  • Defining specifications
  • Conducting product and risk assessments
  • Working with retailers on your behave to ensure smooth product launches


We Provide Simplified Solutions for
Growing Your Business


Grow Your Business With A Trusted Advisor

Succeeding in the food industry is more challenging than ever. Companies can spend up to one year working on acquiring new business only to lose the business shortly after because their operational processes were not ready to handle the growth. As your trusted advisor, we help you optimize and improve your quality and operational processes so that you can excel in meeting your customer expectation.

Think about the amount of resources you are spending on reoccurring issues such as wrong shipments to customers, equipment failures, late shipment charges, withdrawals, poor audit performance etc. Let us help you assess your risk and opportunities. By collaborating on addressing your challenges head on with customized solutions you will be able to used your resources more effectively and your business can focus more time on growth and innovation.